💎Hot New Rhinestone Applicator Set

Hot New Rhinestone Applicator Set

💎Hot New Rhinestone Applicator Set

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Calling all crafters and blingaholics! Do you want an easy way to add some sparkle, sass, and shine to everything you love?

This rhinestone applicator transforms everyday items from dull to bedazzled in an instant. Whether you want to add some glitz and glam to a pair of shoes, a baseball hat, a cellphone case, or lampshade your craft projects could not be any easier.

Even our favorite celebs love the bling: JLO, CardiB, and Khole with her obsession with bedazzled fabric softener bottles! But, there is no need to spend lots of money on these beautiful glittery items when you can do it yourself!

Our tool makes it simple and easy to add hot-fix jewels to anything and everything! No need to deal with messy glue or sticky rhinestones. If you are looking for other gem color options to add to your DIY projects, check out the sparkly rhinestone kits that we offer. Check out the additional rhinestones that we also offer.


💎 BLING LIKE A PRO!: This kit comes with rhinestones that have a heat-sensitive glue at the bottom. Just pre-heat the wand, pick up the rhinestone and apply to your desired surface. 

💎 WIDE RANGE OF USES: You can bling to your heart's content! This kit comes with tons of multicolored rhinestones. It works on almost all kinds of fabric and other flat materials as well as delicate or difficult fabrics that cannot withstand direct heat. Be creative and add sparkle to jackets, hats, t-shirts, sneakers, jeans, shoes, belts, handbags, wine glasses, gift bags, umbrellas, and more! Imagine the possibilities, fun, and extra bling! 

💎 EASY TO USE: The applicator comes with 7 tips for applying varied sized hotfix rhinestones. It is easy to operate with its ergonomic handle and extra-long 4.6ft electric cord. Heat up time is quick and there is no wait time for the glue to dry! Also included are: tweezers, rhinestone pencils, cleaning brush, safety stand, and storage pouch. 

💎TWEEZERS AND CLEANING BRUSH: These tweezers are perfect for working with rhinestones and small sequins when you're creating intricate details; after applying the rhinestones, the tips will be sticky with glue. The brush will be a great help for cleaning the glue off the tips.

What’s Included
1 Applicator wand and holder
1 Stainless Steel Tweezer
1 Cleaning Brush
7 Applicator Tips
1 Storage Bag
2 Rhinestone Pickers
1 Storage box with 10 different color rhinestones- Size 2mm. Other sizes are available.