Belly Bump SeatBelt

fasten seat belts in pregnant

Belly Bump SeatBelt

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Pregnant, driving, and uncomfortable? Post Abdominal Surgery? We can help protect your belly and/or your unborn child with our innovative seat belt adjuster!

As a mother, the best way to protect your unborn child is to protect yourself. Driving or even sitting in the passenger’s seat is uncomfortable and may pose a risk during pregnancy due to the additional weight and pressure from seat belts. Don’t ditch the seat belts! Use our belly bump seat belt instead.

This adjuster is designed to secure the seat belt around your legs instead of on the belly. By ensuring that the expecting mama’s belly remains free and comfortable, our seat belt extender reduces risks of injury to you and your unborn bambino.

Belly Bump SeatBelt

Driving during pregnancy need not be uncomfortable and risky.


👩‍👦COMFORT AND SAFETY: Designed to keep weight completely off the belly, this seat belt helps ensure maximum safety and comfort for both mom and baby-to-be. With the belly bump extender, pregnant moms can enjoy a nice long drive without feeling any pain or discomfort. It is simple to use when getting in and out of the car: just push in, release the hook, and step out of the vehicle.

👩‍👧QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: No need for extra tools or complicated setup. Our seat belt adjuster installs in minutes and has a universal design that will fit any vehicle's seat belt system. Of course, this is not exclusive to the driver's seat; get two and install one on the passenger seat, too!

👩‍👦NOT JUST FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: The belly bump seat belt can easily adjust and extend to accommodate any woman no matter what term of pregnancy. However, this seat belt can also reduce pain and discomfort for anyone who has abdominal issues or stomach surgery.


Material: Plastic, Nylon
Length: 72.8 inches
Width: 3.8cm
Weight: 250g

What's Included
(1) Car Seat Belt Adjuster For Pregnant Women
(1) User Manual