Spoon it Up

13cm Rainbow Colored Spoon - Flip2Lux

Spoon it Up

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Looking for something new and trendy to brighten up your table? We’ve got the most charming recommendation!

As a watcher of trends, it is exciting to find things that are delightful, special and new like these beautifully colored spoons. These delicate spoons are perfect for stirring your favorite drinks or dipping into delectable desserts. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these spoons come in an array of vibrant colors. They feel different and maybe a little magical, the perfect thing for taking your home, and your style, to the next level.

Make meals a little more enchanting with these colorful spoons.


🍧PREMIUM QUALITY: These enchanting spoons are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are FDA-approved, non-toxic, rustproof, and resistant to heat. Spoons are dishwasher safe and the vibrant electroplated color will not peel off, fade, or dim over time.

🍧 BEAUTIFULLY POLISHED AND ERGONOMIC: Each spoon has smooth, rounded edges with a long frosted handle making it easy to stir a tall glass of iced tea or dip into a delicious ice cream parfait. Whether using them every day or for entertaining, the unique and attractive appearance of these delicate spoons are certain to impress.

🍧 BEVERAGE & DESSERT: Use it as a stirring spoon, suitable for coffee, tea, cappuccino, chocolate milk, lemonade or iced tea. Bright fun colors make these spoons perfect for desserts: ice cream floats, sundaes yogurt, desserts in a jar, puddings. Or use them for dishing out condiments like salsa and sour cream. However, every meal will be attractive and more engaging using these colorful spoons.

🍧 STUNNING COLORS: Choose from an array of colors: gold, silver, back, cobalt, purple, rose gold, and iridescent. Each color is bright, bold, and beautiful. Choose one or order a rainbow of colors. Imagine how fantastic these spoons would look on a table — just pair them with simple white dessert plates, cups, and linens and you are ready to go!


Material: Stainless Steel
Dimension: 5.12in x 1.18in (13 x 3cm)

What’s Included
(1)  Spoon